Mentor Sentence: Freebie!

I love using mentor sentences in my classroom!  Jeff Anderson has made the idea of “notable sentences” very popular.  Students use an actual sentence from an author’s writing (mentor text) and study it/break it apart/learn from it.  There are so, so many ways to do this in your classroom.  I am a BIG fan of routine (and alliteration), so this is the format that works for me:

I love that students are guiding their own learning by starting the week by pointing out all the “minute” details.  This is almost like a pre-assessment for the week and shows me exactly what they already know about the language of a sentence.  Each day I have them think and write quietly in their journals.  After a few minutes, we start sharing our thoughts and I track their thinking on an anchor chart.  By the end of the week their journal page looks like this:


I love how independent they get by studying mentor sentences!  They start trying new things in their writing and pointing out new examples in their reading.  Usually in the spring/end of third quarter, I have students bringing suggestions for mentor sentences to me!  I love how this way of studying language and grammar fits in with my student led classroom!

I have some mentor sentences that support fifth grade standards on my Teachers Pay Teachers store including a FREEBIE for the poem Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout by Shel Silverstein!  Each resource comes with:

-Explanation of how to use the product with grade level standard
-Weekly plan including student samples and daily focus (Monday-Friday)
-Copies of mentor sentence for students to glue in their journal
-Assessment for students to take at the end of the week:

-Key for weekly assessment:

Click on the image below to go grab this FREE resource and kick off (or continue) mentor sentences today!

Do you use mentor sentences in your room?  What schedule do you like?  Do you have any tips for making it more authentic??