Close Reading

With the beginning of the year there comes all the joy of re-teaching routines and procedures.  This week, I kicked off close reading and all the routines and strategies that go with it!  We started by reading the John Mayer song “Belief”.  I like to start with a song because it makes close reading a little less intimidating, and it’s fun!  I modeled using the close read poster below on the first two stanzas.

After I used this strategy, students worked in small groups to try this with another stanza. I encourage them to annotate and write their thinking on the song lyrics so I can see their thinking.

Then today students broke into groups and tried close reading on new poems based on their Lexile levels.  They were having such strong discussion, and I loved reading their journals and notes after school.


You can grab this poster to use in your classroom (AND to put in students’ journals) by clicking on the image below!  There is also a black and white version or color with a white background, so you can get what you need!

Enjoy!  Do you have any tips for making Close reading meaningful for your students?