Tis the Season: Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

It may not officially be fall, but Starbucks is serving PSL, football is on, and the weather is cooler!   All of these little shifts have me thinking about one thing…pumpkin activities!!

I LOVE seasonal lessons in the classroom.  They are naturally engaging, fun, and exciting to plan!  My favorite primary lesson has always been a pumpkin unit!

I always got little pumpkins for all my kids and one BIG pumpkin for the class.  I would let them decorate their “baby” pumpkins, and then we would integrate math, science, and writing by making a Pumpkin Book!  It’s such a fun, hands-on unit.

Some ideas for a pumpkin book…

-Use a table of contents!  You can have nonfiction text features discussions AND students will feel so mature!

-An introduction or “Meet my pumpkin” page (Think of a baby book):

  -Math, math, and more math: You can have students measure their pumpkins, decorate their pumpkins with shapes, graph different features or measurements of their pumpkins, do pumpkin word problems, the list goes on and on!

-A daily journal to encourage writing:

-Some informational writing: students could write about the life cycle of a pumpkin or a how-to pumpkin recipe!

-Don’t forget a fun cover!

You can snag a copy of my pumpkin book with integrated standards for first grade or second grade at my Teachers Pay Teachers store, or I want to hear your pumpkin lesson ideas!

Happy Fall, Y’all!


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